Why you should use a boar bristle hairbrush

Brushing your hair is a daily activity whose benefits for both your scalp and your hair are often underestimated. This is why it is advisable to use a good hairbrush. Boar bristles are made of keratin, a composition similar to human hair, and therefore a natural composition unlike nylon plastic brushes. Used for centuries, the boar bristle hairbrush is still used today due to its quality and durability.

What are the benefits of using a boar bristle brush?

The boar bristle hair brush offers multiple benefits. This natural hair brush is known to help detangle hair, gently, while smoothing and giving a natural shine. Before we reveal all the benefits of brushing with natural boar bristles, let's explore for a moment how the brush works.

As you know, we produce sebum every day. This substance with a greasy texture protects the hair fiber and gives it a shiny appearance. If there is too much of it, it causes the phenomenon of "greasy hair". This is why a healthy head of hair requires a good physico-chemical balance and the right amount of sebum on the surface of the hair fiber. Boar's hair will help to distribute the sebum well, thanks to the composition of the hair rich in keratin. From the roots to the ends, your hair will benefit from an excellent sebum supply.

The boar bristle brush has the advantage of :

- Make your hair shine

Thanks to a good distribution of sebum, your hair will be shinier and softer. Your hair will look naturally healthier.

Nourish the scalp

A good level of sebum will help protect the hair fiber and nourish it. They will be less prone to breakage and split ends and will be better hydrated.

Give a cleaner look

Your scalp will be mechanically cleansed of excess sebum. So, with the boar bristle brush, you can say goodbye to the "greasy hair" look between shampoos.

- Reduce static electricity

A nylon brush can cause static electricity when brushing. You won't have to deal with this problem with boar bristles.

- Add volumee

This is the beauty secret of fine hair, where the brush gives volume without charging it with static electricity.

This list shows the many advantages of choosing a natural hair brush over a nylon one.

Boar bristle hairbrush for which type of hair?

It is recommended that a person with fine, flat to choose 100% boar bristle brushes.

Excessive handling and friction from towels, clothing or even brushing can cause trauma to the hair. Boar bristle brushes offer a softer and more delicate brushing experience due to the presence of keratin. The natural bristles produce less friction, which can then help limit the small daily damage usually caused by brushing.

Which hairbrush to choose?

We offer two models in boar bristles with the same composition but different sizes. A classic size brush for your bathroom, a small one to have it always at hand or for a child.

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Why and how to clean a boar bristle hairbrush?

Over time, hair accumulates with residue. Therefore, it becomes essential to clean the brush thoroughly on a regular basis.

When the brush is used on the scalp, dandruff, dust, dead skin and hair, sebum and bacteria are added. Almost invisible, these things are nevertheless harmful to the health of your hair. Indeed, the accumulation of dandruff, dead skin and other waste products promotes the obstruction of hair follicles. This has the effect of completely disrupting the development of the hair fiber and inhibiting the hydration and nutrition of sebum.

We therefore advise you to regularly remove the hair from your brush with a comb or by hand. Clean your brush with lukewarm water, Marseille soap or baking soda for example.

To finish, dry the brush with a towel. Then it is advisable to let it dry in the open air, facing downwards. With a regular maintenance frequency you guarantee a good longevity to your boar bristle brush..

You can find this cleaning procedure in the video below:

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