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Découvrez nos pelle-balayette, l'outil indispensable pour une propreté impeccable. Nous proposons des modèles classiques et pratiques, ainsi que des pelle-balayette long manche, offrant une solution sans effort pour balayer sans se baisser. Ajoutez une touche rustique à vos intérieurs avec notre pelle galva, parfaites pour un style campagnard.


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Pelle et balayette long manche 90cm Clynk Nature | Andrée JardinPelle et balayette long manche 90cm Clynk Nature | Andrée Jardin
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Coffret Pelle-Balayette Clynk Nature | Andrée JardinCoffret Pelle-Balayette Clynk Nature | Andrée Jardin
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Coffret Pelle-Balayette Clynk | Andrée JardinCoffret Pelle-Balayette Clynk | Andrée Jardin
Sale price$33.40 Regular price$77.83
Craft beechwood hand brush & dustpan setCraft beechwood hand brush & dustpan set
Craft ashwood hand brush & dustpan setCraft ashwood hand brush & dustpan set
Beechwood horsehair hand brushBeechwood horsehair hand brush
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Balayette chêne | Andrée JardinBalayette chêne | Andrée Jardin
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Balayette hêtre | Andrée JardinBalayette hêtre | Andrée Jardin
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Balayette vintage | Andrée JardinBalayette vintage | Andrée Jardin
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Brosse à épousseter hêtre | Andrée JardinBrosse à épousseter hêtre | Andrée Jardin
Brosse à épousseter crin frêne | Andrée JardinBrosse à épousseter crin frêne | Andrée Jardin
Sale price$31.07
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Long hand brushLong hand brush
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Balayette Clynk | Andrée JardinBalayette Clynk | Andrée Jardin
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Craft hand brushCraft hand brush
Sale priceFrom $31.07
Pelle à poussière hêtre | Andrée JardinPelle à poussière hêtre | Andrée Jardin
Pelle à poussière frêne | Andrée JardinPelle à poussière frêne | Andrée Jardin
Galvanized dustpanGalvanized dustpan
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Pelle Clynk | Andrée JardinPelle Clynk | Andrée Jardin
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Craft dustpanCraft dustpan
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Balayette crin frêne | Andrée JardinBalayette crin frêne | Andrée Jardin
Sale price$17.82 Regular price$43.31
Patère muralePatère murale
Sale priceFrom $27.73

Brooms made in France

Sweepers are essential tools for keeping your home clean on a daily basis. Whether it's picking up crumbs after a meal, cleaning small debris from the floor or reaching hard-to-reach corners, a quality broom makes these household tasks much easier. Since 1947, Andrée Jardin has perpetuated unique artisanal know-how through its brushes made in France. The brand makes a point of using high quality materials, guaranteeing durability and performance.

Sustainable materials

  • Beech wood : Strong and durable, it is renowned for its robustness and longevity. Functional but also aesthetic, the craft brush will bring a touch of elegance to your cleaning accessories.
  • Thermoheated Ash Wood : This heat treatment process for ash gives the wood increased resistance to bad weather and humidity, thus extending the life of your brush.

Natural fibers

The fibers used by Andrée Jardin are carefully selected for their effectiveness. Established in the brushmaking workshops in Nantes , these fibers bear witness to know-how inherited for generations.

  • Tampico : Coming from agave, tampico is a natural fiber that offers excellent wear resistance, ideal for everyday use.
  • Horsehair : Soft but strong, horsehair is perfect for delicate surfaces. It allows effective dust removal without risk of scratches.

Designer dustpans made in France

To complete the effectiveness of your broom, a designer dustpan is essential. Not only does it easily pick up debris, but it also adds an aesthetic touch to your cleaning accessories. A well-designed shovel makes cleaning more pleasant and efficient.


Our favorite dustpan

With a height of 90 cm, this long-handled dustpan and broom prevents you from having to bend over to pick up debris, thus protecting your back. Their clever design makes them particularly suitable for small spaces, where they can even replace a traditional broom. Thanks to their long handle, you can clean without tiring.

The unique design of this set is the result of a collaboration between Andrée Jardin and the Nantes designers Mr & Mrs Clynk. Their approach combines aesthetics and functionality, making this dustpan and brush an object that you will no longer have to hide in the back of a cupboard.

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