6 advantages of using solid dishwashing detergent

Solid dishwashing detergent is a practical, economical and ecological alternative to liquid dishwashing soap. This product has many advantages, both for the user and for the environment.

The advantages of solid soap

1 – Sustainable
Solid dishwashing detergent lasts longer than liquid dishwashing soap. This is because it does not dilute as quickly as its liquid counterpart. So a solid dish soap can last twice as long as a similarly sized bottle of liquid dish soap.

2 - Environmentally friendly
Solid dish soaps are typically made from natural ingredients , making them more environmentally friendly than liquid dish soaps. That's because many liquid dish soaps contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment, such as preservatives, synthetic surfactants or artificial fragrances.

3 – Versatile
Solid dishwashing detergent is a versatile product that can be used to clean not only dishes, but also other surfaces around the house. In fact, this product can be used to clean kitchen counters, bathroom sinks, bathtubs, shower tiles and even stained clothes .


4 – Waste reduction
Solid dishwashing detergent is an environmentally friendly choice to reduce waste. In fact, these products do not require plastic bottles or pumps to be used. Additionally, many manufacturers offer solid dishwashing products without packaging or in minimalist packaging, which significantly reduces the amount of waste we produce.

By using solid dishwashing detergent, we can help reduce our ecological footprint by minimizing our production of plastic waste. In addition, reducing unnecessary packaging helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions generated by the production and transport of packaging.

5 - Easy to use
The solid dishwashing detergent is easy to use. Simply wet the product and scrub the dishes with a brush or sponge, then rinse the dishes with clean water. These products do not require a pump or plastic bottle, making them more convenient to use.

6 - Economical
Solid dish soap is often more economical in the long run because it lasts longer and requires less packaging. In fact, they can be sold without packaging or in minimalist packaging, which reduces production costs and makes it possible to offer a cheaper product.

The advantages of solid soap

To use a solid dishwashing detergent, follow these simple steps:
Wet your sponge or dish brush with hot water.

Rub the sponge or brush over the solid dishwashing detergent to remove a small amount.

Apply the product to your plates, cutlery, glasses and other tableware.

Gently scrub dishes to remove stains and dirt.

Rinse the dishes thoroughly with hot water to remove any remaining dish detergent.

Drain and dry the dishes.

It's important to remember that solid dishwashing detergents are more concentrated than liquids, so you won't need to use as much product to get effective results. In addition, it is important to let the solid dishwashing detergent dry thoroughly after use to extend its life. You can place it in a clean, dry soap dish or container.


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