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How to Clean Your Feather Duster ?

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"As Michel Audiart said so well in Les Tontons Flingueurs, "Housework is not without nobility!

All Andrée Jardin feather dusters are made of real ostrich feathers. They are used to dust anything fragile, such as waxed furniture, antique objects, pianos, chandeliers or paintings. But also screens and other electrical appliances...

Cleaning the feather duster

1 - Shake the feather duster

Take the duster out and shake it vigorously to remove the dust. Do this preferably outside to avoid getting dirt in your house. If any dust or dirt remains after shaking it, you can wash the feather duster with soap and water.

2 - Fill a bucket with hot water

Place a large bucket in the sink and fill it with water. The bucket should be large enough to hold the duster once it is completely submerged in water.

  • Be sure to completely clear the sink of any dishes or debris. You'll want a clean work area to ensure that no food touches the freshly washed feathers.

3 - Add soap

Add a little soap to the water. Stir the water gently with your hand to dissolve the soap completely. You may create some soap scum in the process.

  • Use a mild dish or hand soap, such as real Marseille soap with olive oil.

4 - Dip the feather duster into the soapy water.

Dip the duster into the water until it is completely submerged. If necessary, hold the duster under the water with your hand.

  • Let the duster soak for at least a few minutes.
  • Gently rotate the duster in the bottom of the bucket as it soaks. This will allow the soapy water to be fully absorbed by the feathers.

5 - Place your duster under running water

Remove the duster from the bucket and dump the soapy water into the sink. Once the bucket is removed from the sink, place the feather duster under hot running water.

  • As you rinse the duster, gently massage the feathers with your free hand. This will remove the soap.
  • When the water begins to run clear and no longer contains visible foam, your feather duster has been thoroughly rinsed.

feather duster Andrée Jardin

Drying the feather duster

1 - Wrap the duster in a clean towel to partially dry it

Lay a clean towel flat on a nearby kitchen table or counter. Place the freshly rinsed duster in the center of the towel, folding the edges around the duster to wrap it completely. Let it dry for about 10 minutes.

2 - Twirl the feather duster after the towel has soaked up the excess water

Remove the duster from the towel and gently shake the handle and feathers in the air. This will mimic the spinning motion of a dryer, which will help to remove any remaining water trapped in the feathers.

  • Keep the feather duster away from your body when you spin it. Otherwise, you may splash water on your face and clothes.

3 - Hang the feather duster to finish air drying

Hang the duster upside down in a place where air can circulate freely. Avoid hanging it in a closet, as it may take longer to dry.

  • If water is still dripping from the feathers, consider hanging it from your shower rod so that the water flows out
  • Leave the duster hanging overnight to dry completely.

4 - Reshape the feathers

Once the feather duster has dried, the feathers may appear shrunken. This is normal. Place the feathers between the palms of your hands and carefully rub them back and forth to restore their soft shape.

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