Why choose a Andrée Jardin broom ?

A broom, a household accessory that can not be beautiful ? At Andrée Jardin, design is an essential part of our household accessories.

Design of our brooms

When it comes to home cleaning, we are often faced with products that always say the same thing, without emotion. By partnering with designers, Andrée Jardin offers a complete line of brushes and brooms integrating perfectly into your home's decor.

  • The Clynk & Clynk Natural collections are signed by the Nantes-based designers Mr & Mrs Clynk for Andrée Jardin. Robust and design, this collection will fit perfectly with contemporary design.

  • The Ash wood / Beech wood / Oak wood : an identical design based on our know-how of the brushmaker, declined in 3 different versions of wood. The ash wood naturally treated offers a caramel brown color, the beech wood offers a raw aspect and finally the oak wood shows all its elegance and nobility.

  • The Vintage collection :  a range of thermolacquered beech wood (grey, pink, sage or black) typical of the post-war modernist era.

Which fibres for my broom?

Thanks to our know-how as a brushmaker since 1947, Andrée Jardin offers you a selection of fibres adapted to each floor and surfaces.

Pure horsehair
: the softest fibre at Andrée Jardin. It is very efficient at collecting dust and respects all floors, even the most delicate. Ideal for indoor use.
> Available on Oak wood and Vintage broms

Mix of horsehair and synthetic fibres : This mix is stiffer than pure horsehair. Ideal for all types of floorss, especially less smooth floors such as tiles. It can also be used for outdoor use to sweep the terrace.
> Available on Clynk, Beech wood et Ash wood

Mix of horsehair and tampico plant fiber (extracted from the Agave Lechuguilla) : The plastic-free alternative to the horsehair and synthetic fibres mix. It is therefore ideal for all types of floors, but also be used for outdoor use to sweep the terrace.

> Available on Clynk Natural collection 

Made in France

The brush factory is located in Treillères, France. 

More than a factory, Andrée Jardin is above all a story of passion, a family story. Andrée Jardin and her future husband, George-René Julio, who was an apprentice brushmaker in Nantes on the banks of the Erdre River, are at the origin of this beautiful French brush factory. In 1947, he opened his own factory "La Brosserie Julio". In 2009, the grandchildren Jean-Baptiste Julio and François-Marie Julio, proudly take the reins of the family business to restore traditional know-how while keeping the future of the company in mind. They begin to collaborate with designers to produce contemporary brush designs.

The Julio brothers decide to create a high-end consumer brush line. They choose the name Andrée Jardin as a tribute to their grandmother. Their mission? Restore the prestige of brush manufacturing and allow consumers to give more meaning to their purchases

How the Clynk Broom is made:

Noble and eco-friendly materials

Andrée Jardin is committed to a more eco-responsible world by reducing the use of plastic in its product range.

The wood is French and comes from sustainably managed forests

9 colours of broom handle

The handle choice color is up to you, so you can choose the handle colour you want with your broom!

The 9 colours available: raw beech wood, ash wood, black, white, red, grey, brick red, storm blue, grey green.  

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