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Just like Andrée Jardin, Savon Stories is a responsible French company with artisanal know-how, promoting responsible products.

Savon Stories a family story

Based in Provence, this soap factory uses an ancestral method to share their know-how. The artisanal production of each soap is the result of expertise passed down from generation to generation, highlighting the richness of French artisanal heritage.

Savon Stories' ethical approach is also reflected in their commitment to sustainable values. They favor environmentally friendly practices, eco-responsible packaging, and strive to minimize their ecological footprint at every step.

The importance of cold saponification for your soaps

Cold saponification, an ancestral artisanal method, offers a unique approach to soap making. Unlike traditional processes, this technique preserves the richness of the ingredients by avoiding excessive heat which can alter their nutritional properties.

Choosing soaps made using the cold saponification method means favoring an approach that respects the ingredients and ensures maximum preservation of nutrients. The ancestral nature of this technique guarantees that each wash becomes a moment of care and pleasure for your skin. Opt for the excellence of cold saponification for nourished and preserved skin. Consider using a shower brush to carefully apply your soap to your entire body.

Natural soaps

Discover our selection of cold saponified soaps, a true invitation to a sensory experience. These unique, carefully designed products offer gentle purification for all skin types. Handmade in Provence , they make everyday well-being accessible.

Basil exfoliating soap

The exfoliating soap offers gentle purification of the skin, thanks to 100% organic oils and butters which nourish and soften the epidermis. By eliminating the toxins responsible for pimples and blackheads, basil plays a key role. Lemongrass, with antiseptic properties, prevents the proliferation of bacteria.

Green clay & jojoba soap

Featuring a “floral-earthly” scent combining the herbaceous tones of patchouli, the floral notes of lavender and the serenity of rose geranium, this ultra-cleansing soap offers a refined sensory experience. Enriched with French green clay, known for its detoxifying properties, it effectively attracts impurities.

Oat milk soap

This gentle superfatted soap incorporates oat flakes for light exfoliation, providing the skin with antioxidant and nourishing properties. These coconut and olive vegetable oils, cold saponified, intensely moisturize fragile skin. Result: soft, soothed and well-hydrated skin.

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