The SUPER Dishwashing Brush: Use and maintenance

Since its launch, the Andrée Jardin super dishwashing brush has won over many kitchens with its innovative design. In this article, immerse yourself in the world of this revolutionary dishwashing brush. We will present it to you in detail. Whether it's the colorful handles guaranteed for life or its infinitely interchangeable heads. Follow our instructions for use for shiny dishes and our maintenance guide for maximum life of your brush!


Colorful handles guaranteed for life

The stainless steel handles of the Andrée Jardin super dishwashing brush are much more than simple supports: they embody durability and aesthetics. Each ergonomic handle is carefully suspended during the application of the Epoxy paint, leaving a slight mark, this is the guarantee of artisanal manufacturing. This slight imperfection does not compromise the quality of the paint, thus guaranteeing a vibrant and resistant color over time. With a choice of six trendy colors, the handle becomes a kitchen accessory in its own right.

Interchangeable heads: which one to choose?

We designed these heads with ecological concerns in mind, favoring an environmentally friendly operating mode. In fact, by only changing the brush head, we significantly reduce waste production, while offering a sustainable and responsible solution.

At Andrée Jardin, we are proud of our commitment to the environment. This is why we have carefully selected ecological materials for each component of the Super dishwashing brush. Our interchangeable heads are made from natural fibers and French wood , sourced from sustainably managed forests.

The interchangeable heads are designed to adapt to all types of everyday dishes. Two different types of fibers to adapt your head to your dishes to wash them without scratching them!


Soft brush head for delicate dishes

The soft horsehair brush head is specially designed to gently clean delicate surfaces such as porcelain and glass . Natural fibers provide delicate cleaning while preserving the integrity of your most fragile tableware items. Its careful implantation of the fibers ensures even distribution of pressure for effective cleaning without the risk of scratches.


Medium brush head for daily washing up

The medium brush head is equipped with natural tampico fibers , providing a robust solution for cleaning everyday dishes. Ideal for removing stubborn food residue, this head guarantees impeccable results without damaging your dishes. Its precise fiber placement ensures optimal cleaning , even in hard-to-reach areas.

Tips for use and maintenance

These answers will help you maximize the effectiveness of your brush while extending its life.

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