Zero Waste Makeup Remover in 3 steps !

The key to a perfect face skin? Remove your makeup. Without a good evening routine to remove makeup and impurities accumulated throughout the day, your pores become clogged and your skin suffers premature aging. Focus on an essential beauty gesture to integrate into your beauty routine.

Step 1: I remove makeup

You hear and read it everywhere: makeup removal is essential. Every evening, you must remove your makeup and all the impurities accumulated during the day from your skin. To do this, choose a natural makeup remover that is gentle on your skin.

Product: Solid makeup remover oil from Maison du Solide. This super solid makeup remover oil will allow you to gently remove your makeup before cleansing your face. It boosts lashes thanks to its castor oil concentrated formula, gently removes makeup and strengthens the epidermis. The active makeup remover in the formula will melt your stubborn mascara at lightning speed and the macadamia oil will keep your skin supple.

Accessoryreusable makeup remover cotton pads from Andrée Jardin. These washable makeup remover pads are the perfect allies for a Zero Waste beauty routine. High quality, they are handcrafted in France. They are made of 100% organic cotton, one side is made of micro-sponge to deeply cleanse the skin and the other side is made of fleece to gently cleanse it.

How-to : Moisten your face and apply the solid makeup remover oil to your face, eyes and lips in circular motions. Then remove the excess with a cotton pad soaked in clear water.

Step 2: I clean

Once you've removed your makeup, the job isn't over. Makeup residue and other impurities can still linger.

Product: The Solid Face Cleanser from Maison du Solide. Gentle cleanser, it cleans your skin deeply, on the upper layers of the epidermis. It preserves its hydration and leaves a velvety and soft layer on your skin. Enriched with hazelnut and macadamia oils, specially chosen for facial skin!

Accessory: The Soft face cleansing brush Andrée Jardin. Brosse visage 100% naturelle d’une douceur exceptionnelle. Grâce à ses poils de chèvre extra fins, cette brosse toute douce nettoie délicatement la peau du visage. Elle est idéale à utiliser avec un savon solide saponifié à froid afin de désincruster les pores, nettoyer la peau et stimuler la circulation sanguine.

How-to: Use the wet brush with your cleanser to tone and deep cleanse the skin. Use gentle, circular motions for best results and avoid the eye and mouth area.

Step 3: I moisturize

A good makeup removal routine ends with moisturizing. Regardless of your skin type, you need to give it enough water. From the age of 25, you can start applying night care products adapted to your age group. It will boost cellular activity, promoting the renewal of your epidermis while hydrating it. When you wake up, your skin will be luminous and plump. And don't forget your neck!

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