The new SUPER dish brush Andrée Jardin

Andrée Jardin, fruit of the heritage of the Julio artisanal brush factory since 1947, is delighted to present its latest jewel: the SUPER dishwashing brush. Let's dive into the epic tale of this unique creation, born from a passion for the art of brushing, respect for tradition, and a deep commitment to sustainability.

super brosse plan

The project

super brosse vaisselle

The realization


The birth of the project

At Andrée Jardin , we have undertaken a mission: to make the daily chore of washing dishes more enjoyable! This is how the SUPER dishwashing brush was born .

💡 Every detail, every gesture has been meticulously analyzed to give birth to the SUPER dishwashing brush. A patented model , the result of the ingenuity and determination of the Andrée Jardin teams , designed to revolutionize the way we approach cleaning dishes , all naturally.

🎨 Available in several trendy colors, the SUPER dishwashing brush not only brings remarkable efficiency but also a touch of joy to your kitchens. Because at Andrée Jardin, each creation is the meeting between innovation , comfort and design, it offers a unique and colorful experience to everyone.

Join us in this captivating story, where doing the dishes becomes a real moment of pleasure.

The 3 elements of the SUPER dishwashing brush

brosse vaisselle

An ergonomic handle

The stainless steel handle, guaranteed for life , offers a thoughtful grip designed for a comfortable cleaning experience. Available in six trendy colors , it becomes a colorful accessory for your kitchen .

🌈 Choose from six trendy colors: olive, brick, sand, white, stainless steel, or black.


A soft interchangeable brush head

The soft horsehair brush head has been specially designed for cleaning delicate dishes such as porcelain .

This interchangeable head , unique in its kind, can be replaced at any time, offering a practical and durable solution.


A medium interchangeable brush head

The natural tampico fibers of this interchangeable head provide a robust solution for cleaning your dishes.

Once worn, simply let the head dry, remove it, then insert a new dish brush head.

lieu fabrication super brosse vaisselle

Manufacturing made in Nantes

The history of Andrée Jardin dates back to 1947 , when Georges-René Julio founded the Julio brushworks with his wife Andrée Jardin. Today, the company continues to perpetuate its know-how in its Nantes workshops. The Andrée Jardin brand offers products that respect our environment , are beautiful and functional , reflecting a French art of living ensuring incomparable quality.

The careful implantation of the fibers of these interchangeable heads and the marking are carried out with care in our workshop in Treillières, adding an artisanal touch to each SUPER dishwashing brush .

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