How to Clean a Burnt Pan ?

A little moment of distraction and the pan that you thought was simmering quietly ends up being burned! Find out how to clean burnt pans and get yours sparkling clean again without damaging them!

You need the following items:

  • A pan brush: specially designed for cleaning pans, no trace will resist it. The vegetable fibers are very resistant and naturally abrasive (do not use on non-stick/Teflon)! The 45° orientation of the fibers also allows you to reach corners that are often inaccessible with other brushes.
  • White vinegar: An economical and ecological household essential: it disinfects, deodorizes, descales and cleans. A product that is perfectly suited to cleaning a pan whose bottom has burned, whether it is stainless steel, cast iron, non-stick or enamel.
  • Baking soda: the natural and ecological product that is a must to have. Efficient for scouring, descaling, cleaning and shining just about everything in the house, baking soda is also much less expensive than all the cleaning products you can find in the shops


  1. Take baking soda
  2. Take white vinegar
  3. Take a pan brush
  4. Sprinkle baking soda on the bottom of the pan
  5. Pour a glass of white vinegar
  6. Let it work for 60 minutes
  7. Scrub with your brush and rinse with clear water

Act quickly!

As soon as you notice that the bottom of your pan is burned, remove its contents by recovering the part that has not been in contact with the burned and then pour water inside.

Leave it to soak
until it is time to wash it with the above method. This will prevent the material from drying out and being more difficult to remove later. Thanks to the water, some of the residue will come off directly by scraping with a wooden spoon.

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